Epic Consulting...our passion, your Epic

Our team at Epic Paths is ready to tackle your trip planning needs.  We will assist you from beginning to end.  

There are three different levels of consulting we offer.

  1. The Epic Experience:  This level will give you the guidance you need to help you plan your next Epic trip.  Here we will help you develop the custom itinerary you want.  We will help you layout the best day-by-day itinerary and give you the insider tips you need to get around.  $400

  2. The Epic Adventure:  This level will give you more than just the custom guidance and organization of the Epic Experience.  This plan includes all that the Epic Experience includes plus it takes care of the everything from hotel reservations, entrance tickets, directions, transportation, dinner reservations, etc.  Anything that goes into the planning an on tour itinerary.  $600

  3. The Epic Tour:  This level will give you all of the above plus more.  This plan is for those who want the Epic Path with extra help.  This plan includes an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide that will lead you and direct you while you are abroad.  You will have absolutely no worries in the world because your Epic guide will take care of everything on tour.  (Pricing varies depending on the travel desired)


Specialized Epics

The Epic Study Program:  Are you an educator?  Do you want to organize a custom trip for your students that correlates to your course?  Look no further!  Our team will be sure to help you bring an Epic experience to your students.  Contact us for more details!